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Business Travel Guide

Henan, with rich cultural relics, is a province of abundant tourism resources. For tourists at home and abroad, especially those who seek with great enthusiasm the oriental culture and the headstream of Chinese civilization, Henan is just like an immense natural museum of history and a textbook of Chinese history which is visible, tangible, and accessible. The oriental cultural connotations here are rich and unique.

Travel Line

Name: One-day tour in Luoyang city

Class: Ancient Capitals
About: The Longmen Grottoes White Horse Temple

The Longmen Grottoes White Horse TempleIn the morning --- Leave for Luoyang city at 7: 00 am. With about 2 hours on the way. Visit Longmen Grottoes, one of the three greatest repositories of Buddhist art in China. It also is the peak of Chinese stone-carving art.

In the afternoon --- Visit the White Horse Temple, the “place of origin” of Buddhism and the “ancestral court” for Buddhists. It also is the first temple ever built by the government after Buddhism entered China

Two Days Itinerary
Day1: the same as the above
Day2: Take Bus 1, 3, 33 or 40 to get down at Xuan Wu Men stop to visit the Xuanwu Lake. Have a look at the vegetable fare in Jiming Temple. In the afternoon, take Bus 2 or 33 to Yu Hua Tai stop and visit Yu Hua Tai scenic area, Zhonghua Gate and Zhanyuan Garden.


Name: One-day Tour for Shaolin Temple
Class: Kungfu
About: The Shaolin Temple

The Shaolin TempleThe morning --- Setting off Zhengzhou at 7:30 am, tourists are to arrive at Shaolin Temple Scenic area 1.5 hour later, the original place of Shaolin Wushu. The scenic spot includes Shaolin Temple, the ancestral hall of a Chinese version of Buddhism known as Chanzong, the Pagoda Forest—the national important historical relics protection unit, where the deceased eminent monks of Shaolin Temple were buried after their death, and Wushu house, in which the excellent China wushu are to be appreciated.

The afternoon --- After lunch, tourists are to visit the Damo cave, who is the founder of Chan sect, the first founder’s hall, the second founder’s hall and three-emperor village. Tourists are to get back to Zhengzhou at 18:30, and end the happy journey.


Name: One-day tour in Zhengzhou city
Class: Ancestor Worship

Ancestor WorshipIn the morning --- Leave for Xinzheng city at 8:00 am with one hour on the way. Visit the Former Residence of Yellow Emperor scenic area, a holy place of overseas and domestic Chinese to seek roots and pay tribute to ancestors.

In the afternoon --- Visit the Ancestor Mountain scenic area, the back garden of Zhengzhou city. Set off Xinzheng at 17:00. Free arrangement in the evening.


Name: Two-day travel: Yangzigou and Tongtianxia Gorge
Class: Natural Beauty

Natural BeautyD1: Assemble at 6:30 am, go to Luanchuan County, Luoyang. After lunch, visit scenic spots such as Yangzigou, Lihuazhai, etc. (lodging at Luanchuan County).

D2: Bus to Tongtianxia Gorge after breakfast. Enjoy scenic spots such as wind-and-rain Bridge, Pipa Lake, the lion Peak, the sun-and-moon Lake, etc. Return to Zhengzhou after lunch.


Zhengzhou Airport Hot-spring Hotel Name: Zhengzhou Airport Hot-spring Hotel
Area: Zhengzhou
Star: ★★★★☆
Tel: 0371-65963326
Add: Xinzheng International Airport
Zhongzhou Crown Plaza Name: Zhongzhou Crown Plaza
Area: Zhengzhou
Star: ★★★★★
Tel: 0371-65963326
Add: No. 115 Jinshui Road, Zhengzhou
Luoyang Grand Hotel Name: Luoyang Grand Hotel
Area: Luoyang
Star: ★★★★☆
Tel: 0371-65963326
Add: 1 Zhoushan Road
Bianjing Hotel Name: Bianjing Hotel
Area: Kaifeng
Star: ★★★☆☆
Tel: 0371-65963326
Add: No. 109, East Road, Kaifeng


The operating railways in Henan total 2,148.3 km, 90 percent of which are double-tracked.

A major hub of China’s inland transportation, Henan is crisscrossed with trunk railways such as Beijing-Guangzhou, Longhai (from Lianyugang in Jiangsu to Xinjiang), Beijing-Kowloon, and the newly opened transcontinental line from Lianyungang in China to Rotterdam, Holland. The provincial capital Zhengzhou is at the juncture of the two major trunk railways of Beijing-Guangzhou and Longhai; it is also the biggest relay station of both passengers and freight at the eastern part of the European-Asian transcontinental line. The Zhengzhou Northern Railway Station is the largest freight marshalling station in Asia, and its relaying and processing capacity has reached the world’s top level. Goods to be exported by train can have the customs inspection in Zhengzhou before heading abroad. The Zhengzhou Eastern Railway Station is one of the biggest container relay stations in China, which is linked with five international-container transportation channels through the harbors in Shanghai, Kowloon, Lianyungang, Tianjin and Qingdao.

Henan has a well-developed highway network, with nine state highways -- five from north to south and four from west to east -- running through the province. The highways open to traffic total 64,453 km and have linked all townships in the province. The length of its operating expressways has reached 1,000 km.

Henan has 48 air routes to link its major cities of Zhengzhou, Luoyang and Nanyang with other places, with 500 scheduled flights to and from 56 cities, including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Xi’an; and five scheduled flights reaching Hong Kong, Macao, and Taipei (via Macao) each week. The Zhengzhou Xinzheng Airport, with a designed annual handling capacity of six million passengers and 30,000 tons of freight, is one of the 10 largest airports in China, also an alternate airport for the Beijing Capital International Airport.

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