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Foreign Trade and Foreign Investment

  • Foreign Trade
  • Foreign Investment
  • FDI in Henan
Total trade of Henan (2007)
  Amount (US$ mn) % share
Regional GDP

1,764.7 (+45.8%)


Primary Industry

855.2 (+17.9%)


Secondary Industry

728.0 (+1.7%)


Source: Henan Statistical Yearbook, 2008

In terms of total trade, Henan's trade with Hong Kong reached US$728 million in 2007. Hong Kong was the 5th largest trading partner of Henan, after the US, Japan, South Korea and Australia. For exports, the top three destinations were the US, South Korea and Hong Kong in 2007. Major exports included base metals, machinery, textile materials and chemical products. Major import sources were the US, Japan and India. Henan's import from Hong Kong reached US$103.5 million in 2007. Major imports were electronic parts, chemicals, salt, copper, etc.

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