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Pillar Industries

  • Food Industry
  • Wig Industry
  • Electronics and Information Technology Industry
  • Mining Industry

Henan is an agricultural province, leading the provinces of China in wheat and sesame production, and is third place overall in terms of total grain output. Cotton, rice, and maize are also important crops in Henan.

Food IndustryThe Henan economy has been steadily growing in recent years in the wake of the rise of Central China and the relocation of industries from the eastern provinces. Total grain output exceeded 100 billion catty for two consecutive years, set record highs for four consecutive years, and ranked first in the country for eight consecutive years. The food industry has become one of Henan's pillar industries. It is an indisputable fact that Henan has evolved from the nation's "granary" into the nation's "kitchen". Henan has not only emerged from a major agricultural province in the traditional sense but has upgraded its industry, agriculture, forestry and high-tech industries, having done a marvellous job in expanding the scale of operation, achieving brand integration, extending the industry chains and expanding the market.


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